PE Braided fishing line YGK PeeWee WX4 FluoYellow 167yds-150m NEW!!!, Japan

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PE Braided fishing line PeeWee WX4 Yellow 167yds-150m NEW!!!,
Made in Japan

The NEW braided line PeeWee is quality product at a Japanese brand YGK and manufactured specifically for Alphatackle in Japan. 
The Braided line is in fluo yellow color.
This color allowing to monitor position and distance of the bait, which is located!
Made with the new method WX4 and features an amazing strength and absolutely meets these parameters diameter and strength.
The new technology WX has significantly smoother surface than other PE braided lines on the market!
In this new production method WX have been used new lubricants that significantly improve casting and reduce sound by friction with the leaders-guides of the fishing rod!  Test bravely this new braided fishing line and you will feel his amazing performance! Welcome to the new age of braided fishing lines with WX technology!  
Thanks to Alphatackle and YGK from Japan !!!

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